Assess Your Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness

Artificial intelligence (AI) for sales is here. With Sales Cloud Einstein, your team's sales productivity is supercharged at every step of the sales process with key predictions, intelligent recommendations, and timely automation.

The Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness Assessor analyzes your Salesforce organization. You'll receive a Readiness Report, which tells you which Einstein features you're ready to use now and which require additional steps.

To learn more about Sales Cloud Einstein, check out our website or blaze a trail with the Sales Cloud Einstein Trailmix.

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To run the Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness Assessor, you must be a Salesforce administrator or have the Customize Application permission. When you run the Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness Assessor, some of your Salesforce data, including account, contact, lead, and opportunity data, is sent to and stored as aggregate data on a third-party platform. This data is used to generate your personalized Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness Report. Access to your org's data is immediately revoked after we generate the report. You can't run the Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness Assessor on a sandbox.